5 Reasons Why Women Who Apply Their Own Makeup are Switching To This Amazing Lash System.


Here's why women in SA are loving this new brand over traditional glue lash extensions.

1. Quick & Easy To Apply [Even For Beginners]

Glue lashes are difficult and messy to apply by yourself. Lash extensions applied by a professional are time consuming and takes 30min to 48hrs to dry! At Lashnetix we can't stand for that. Apply the Magnetic Felt Pen Liner and snap on your lashes. Easy as 1,2,3.


lashentix-lashes-laid out

2. Reuse Up To 40 Times

Because there's no glue involved, your Lashnetix lashes are like new after each wear. Remove after wearing and store them in their protective magnetic case. You can do this up to 460 times!



3. Much More Affordable And Lasts Longer

Traditional glue lash extensions cost R500 - and for a single use you're stuck with them (no pun intended). 

Lashnetix lashes cost you R6 per wear and you can remove them when not needed - use only when needed.



4. Perfectly Safe and Healthy

Lash glues are full of toxic chemicals that can cause Cancer and Premature Aging.

Lashentix  is safe and doesn't come into contact with your natural lashes. Because of this, it does not destroy your natural lashes.


5. Change Styles Anytime!

Imagine this:

  • You put on a natural lash to work. 
  • Come home, remove your natural lash.
  • You then touch up your magnetic eyeliner.
  • And you put on that sexy cat eye for a fun ladies night out.

All  of this was impossible with Glue lashes.

Now possible in a few seconds with Lashnetix. 

Effortlessly quick and mess free.

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