How to put eyelashes on like a professional makeup artist: They're easier to apply than you think! Follow our step-by-step guide for beginners to achieving a natural, fluttery look every time.

Transform from a walking disaster to flaunting your new set of flirty lashes – from clumsy to chic! Once you learn how to apply false lashes correctly, you'll never go back to your natural lashes or traditional lash extensions.

By giving your natural lashes more volume and length for a more dramatic and flirtatious appearance, false eye lashes may completely transform your appearance. They'll not only make your eyes look better, but they'll also make you feel more confident and polished.

Applying false eye lashes may be simple and hassle-free with a little experience and some helpful advice. To fit every event, a range of shapes and designs are available, ranging from strong and dramatic to natural-looking lashes.

False eye lashes are a fun and simple way to step up your beauty game, whether you're going out for a night on the town or just want to add a bit of shine to your everyday appearance.

Without further ado, lets learn how to put on false eyelashes for beginners!

  1. Gotta get ready! Prepare your make-up.

  2. Carefully trim each eyelash strip to get your desired length.

  3. Strategically apply your magnetic eyeliner.

  4. Instead of looking straight into the mirror, look down into it.

  5. Apply false eyelashes

  6. Touch up with eyeliner to hide the lash band.

  7. Unleash your inner beauty—flaunt those gorgeous false lashes! 

Gotta get ready! Prepare your make-up. 

lashnetix libra strip lashes
lashnetix magnetic felt tip pen
lashnetix micellar water

Before applying, line the lash strip up along its intended destination—your eyelids. Make a mark with where you need to trim (Hint: use the magnets as a landmark). It's always best practice to trim on the inner corner of the false eyelashes.

Some makeup artist recommend that you can trim on either the inner or outer corners, but trimming on the outer corner will alter the intended shape of the lashes.

Then grab your trusty scissors and give it a trim; just make sure you don't accidentally snip yourself!

strip lashes being trimmed next to magnet

You want to make sure that you trim at the edge of a magnet (not on the magnet) and not to leave any of the band dangling on the edge. Doing so will cause your lashes to lift.

Instead of looking straight into the mirror, look down into it.

south african woman applying magnetic eyelashes while looking down in mirror


We've got a much better trick for you rather than squinting into a mirror straight ahead and straining your neck. When you angle a mirror underneath your face - almost like "closing" your eyes- it makes applying your liner and getting those fake lashes in place much easier. It's crazy how such an easy tip make everything way more easier!

While you might be tempted to close your eyes when applying fake lashes, our best advice is not to since it changes the eye shape. At first this can feel tough but trust me - with practice and determination comes success!

Strategically apply your magnetic eyeliner.

women cleansing eyelids with cotton pad and micellar water

Before you begin, it's important to make sure your skin is not oily. Prepare your lash line by cleansing it with Lashnetix Miceller Water. If you are going to apply eye shadow or any other eye makeup, now is the time to do so.

Whether using our magnetic liquid eyeliner or magnetic felt tip pen, you want to start by drawing a thin line over your lash line.

Glide the liner along from inner to outer corners, getting as full a coverage as you can. Careful not to make it too thin though! The line should be the same thickness as the lash band.

The liner should never come into contact with your natural lashes.

we also recommend that you do one eye at a time. Drawing a wing is optional.

Using magnetic liquid eyeliner:

lashnetix liquid magnetic eyeliner

Begin by shaking the liquid liner vigorously. Once opened bend the bristles against the bottle and wipe off excess liner.

Draw your line. You can apply 2-3 coats for even more hold.

Wait for the liner to dry. Once dry you can move to the next step (to apply false lashes), then repeat the process for the other eye.

Using magnetic felt tip pen:

lashnetix magnetic felt tip pen

Start by drawing your line. Unlike the liquid eyeliner, you don't want the felt tip pen to dry. You can apply 2-3 coats for even more hold.

Apply false eyelashes

lashnetix fake eyelashes

Take your false eyelashes and hold them in the middle of the band so they stay straight when placing onto each corner, then press down lightly – about one centimetre away from those delicate inner corners – that way there won't be any surprise pokes during wear time!

You may prefer using your fingers for putting on lash strips while tweezers may help give a better grip.

And that's it. No lash glue, no mess, no appointments for individual lashes. Over time you will eventually be able to apply false eyelashes like a pro.

Touch up with eyeliner to hide the lash band.

women touching up lash line

Give your strip lashes a natural look with this must-do step! Just follow the simple trick to make your falsies appear like you were born with them.

Create a seamless look by extending your line with a liquid liner. Start at where the band begins all the way to the inner corner of your eye.

Unleash your inner beauty—flaunt those gorgeous false lashes!

Get ready to make a big entrance with your stylish, luxury eyeball visors! Make sure you show them off and look amazing when the world sees what you've got.

False lashes will become your favorite way to take a look from boring to "oh wow!" Not only are you instantly safe and stylish, but it takes no time at all.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to have more success when applying your lashes and magnetic eyeliner. Who doesn't love the results of a little extra time spent on make-up? Go ahead and unleash your inner beauty—flaunt those gorgeous magnetic lashes!