In this post, we're gonna go over some tips and tricks on how to apply your magnetic liner. As always with any make-up, TEST a small amount first to see if you develop an allergic reaction.


Step 1

Trim your lashes to fit your eye. Always cut the lash on the outer side as the inner side is blended to give a natural look.

Shake magnetic liquid liner. This ensures the formula is ready to go. Before applying, wiggle the tip of the wand against the bottle.


#Tip: Keep the liquid liner upright when opening to prevent spilling.


Step 2

Apply the liner by using short brush strokes from where your natural lashes start and work your way outward, stopping where your natural lashes stop. The liner should be the same thickness or thicker than the band of the eyelash.


This increases the risk of eye contact with the liquid liner. If the liner does happen to come into contact - flush with water. If irritation persists after 6 hours, seek medical attention.

#Tip 1: To keep your hand stable, rest your palm on your face.

#Tip 2: If you find short brush strokes uncomfortable, you can stamp a little bit at a time.

#Tip 3: You can fill in the gaps between your lash line. This helps blend your natural lashes with the magnetic lashes.

#Tip 4: Apply the liner as close as possible to your lash line to improve the blend between the magnetic lashes and your natural lashes. Applying the liner too high will create a gap between your natural lashes and the magnetic lashes.

#Tip 5: You can apply a second or third layer for extra hold.

Step 3 (Optional)

You can draw a wing with the liquid magnetic liner or any other eyeliner of your choice.

Step 4

Here you have two options. We suggest using All Day Hold but understand some of our ladies have busy schedules.

Glam on the Go

All Day Hold

Recommended if you're in a rush.

Let the liner dry to about 70% (20-60sec). Then jump to Step 5.


Recommended for best performance.

Wait for a full 3 minutes for the liner to dry. 

Do a dry test - lightly pat the liner, if there's transfer on your finger tips you need to wait a bit longer.

Once dry, you're ready for Step 5.


#Tip1: Apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying the magnetic lashes to give a better blend.

#Tip2: If you have hooded eyes, close your eyes or look down while the liner dries.

Pro Tip: If you are not used to using liquid eyeliner, start with your eyes when you do your make up. That way, if you make a mistake, you can wash your face without worrying about removing your other makeup.

Step 5

Apply your lashes and gently press them to make sure all magnets are making contact with the liner. You want to apply your lashes as close to your natural lashes as possible.

Step 6

Lashes so long, your haters can't see you.


Bonus Tips: Removing Eyeliner

To remove magnetic eyeliner you can use any makeup remover. We personally recommend Maybelline Expert Eyes Make Up Remover. You can also use coconut oil.


Our magnetic eyeliner is designed to be sweat and water resistant. Applying water will make it impossible to remove!

Gently rub the coconut oil or make up remover in a circular motion. You can use make up wipes or a tissue to wipe off. Once all of the magnetic liner has been remove, continue to wash your face with water as normal.

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