Is Lashnetix Safe & Cruelty Free?

Is Lashnetix Safe & Cruelty Free?

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  1. It is simple to use and saves time.
  2. It's impervious to the elements.
  3. It's completely non-toxic and cruelty-free.
  4. It is reasonably priced.
  5. It is available in a variety of designs.
  6. Conclusion


You're in a rush for a meeting or an event, and you're at a loss on how to apply false lashes. Worse, you've got glue all over your hands, face, and clothing.

If you've ever used glue-on eyelash extensions, you've probably encountered this problem. Fortunately, there is a new way to achieve beautiful lashes in a fraction of the time and cost, as well as without the mess. The magnetic liner and lash system is now available.

5 Reasons Why Women Are Changing Their Eyeliner and Eyelashes to Magnetic

A magnetic lash system includes magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes.

It's no surprise that an increasing number of women are opting for this system. When comparing the benefits of magnetic eyelashes vs. glue, clearly, magnetic lashes come out on top.

Here are a few of the benefits.


#1 It is simple to use and saves time.

To get the perfect lash application with magnetic lashes, you don't need to be a pro. You also won't have to deal with any glue. Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner using a lash applicator, attach the lash to the eyeliner, and let it work its magic. When compared to eyelash extensions, which can take anywhere from minutes to two hours to apply (if done professionally) and take anywhere from 30 seconds to 48 hours to fully dry.

You may have lovely lashes right away with a magnetic liner and lash system - no waiting and no mess.

#2 It's impervious to the elements.

Weatherproof scrap Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are truly indestructible. These lashes stay on for up to 10 hours without coming off or smudging, even when exposed to water, heat, and other harsh factors. It's the ideal partner for long days at work or play.


#3 It's completely non-toxic and cruelty-free.

The toxic compounds used in glue are one of the most serious concerns concerning glue-on eyelash extensions. Toxic compounds, such as formaldehyde, latex, and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfanate, are found in most lash glues on the market, all of which offer major health risks.

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that damages the brain and organs. Both latex and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfanate are irritants that can cause inflammation and infection in the eyes and skin. They also hasten the aging of your skin and put stress on your natural lashes, causing them to dry out and fall out.

One of the advantages of magnetic eyelashes over glue is that you won't have to worry about your natural lashes becoming brittle, drying up, or falling out because nothing is attached to them. Lashnetix lashes are made from mink lashes that have been gathered after the mink has shed. They're free of harmful chemicals and made with the same safe ingredients found in mascara and other liners.

It is magnetic due to the increased concentration of iron oxide. The FDA has cleared iron oxide for use around the eyes. Magnetic Liner by Lashnetix is a healthier alternative to eyelash extensions.


#4 It is reasonably priced.

Forget about lash extensions, which can cost a lot of money. Lashnetix magnetic lashes are R200 for the magnetic line and R350 for the lashes, or R600 for two lashes and a liner in a savings package. Lashnetix lashes may be used for up to 30 times, while the eyeliner can be used for up to 90 times. It lasts a lot longer than normal lashes because the glue doesn't clump up on the lash band and the magnets are incredibly easy to clean (just scratch off the dried liner).


#5 It is available in a variety of designs.

A magnetic lash system provides you with options that suit your needs, whether it's lashes or liner. Natural, medium, and extra lashes are available, and cream or gel liners are available.


A magnetic lash and liner system is simple to apply, painless, safe, affordable, and effective. Wouldn't you favour magnetic eyelashes over glue if you had to make a choice?

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